Ambidji Group delivers creative solutions for air transport needs.

Ambidji is an Australian based, internationally renowned, air transport consultancy.  Our industry leading position is a result of comprehensive sector experience and a reputation for delivering quality projects to clients worldwide.

Experienced in over 50 countries, Ambidji has developed a range of industry leading partnerships to become the advisor of choice for many corporate and government aviation clients.  Ambidji’s global experience allows the firm to deliver innovative and responsive best practice solutions to industry covering ad-hoc small projects to system level major projects requiring comprehensive planning and mangagement services.

Ambidji’s consultancy teams comprise experienced air transport industry professionals who are recognised as subject matter experts in their respective fields.  Their diverse professional backgrounds and international experience delivers in-depth expertise and capabilities as they work to achieve the most favourable outcomes for clients.

Sector Clients

National Governments

Private Sector Investors

Policy and Regulatory Agencies

Investment Banks and Fund Managers

International Development Finance Institutions

Air Navigation Service Providers

Airports Operators

MRO Organisations


What is Ambidji?

Ambidji is a name that comes from Australia’s Aboriginal dreamtime legends.  “Ambidji” is the name of The Rainbow Serpent – a creative spirit who influences the cycles of life within, below and beyond the skies.  The Rainbow Serpent shows herself as the magnificent spectrum that illuminates the skies of Northern Australia when the storms bring the life-giving rains after the long dry season.  The company has adopted Ambidji and her ‘good magic’ with much respect, as a modern-day symbol for the normally unseen influence of knowledge and wisdom in the maintenance of safety and efficiency in the skies.