The Benalla Rural City Council has selected Ambidji to prepare a Master Plan for its airport.  This appointment follows Ambidji’s previous appointment by Council to prepare an airport strategic plan.

Benalla Airport is home to the State Gliding Club and Aviation Museum and is also the base for many different types of community activities, including the Benalla Theatre Company, the Benalla Potters Group and Migrant Accommodation Centre Exhibition.  This valuable community asset has great potential for business and tourism, and is located next to land zoned to support industry.

The Master Plan will set out the priorities for infrastructure upgrades at the Airport in order to prepare the Airport as the host airport for the 2017 World Gliding Championships, and to accommodate the growth of the facilities over the next 30 years.  It will review the existing Airport facilities, airside and landside facility planning, and land use planning.


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