Sector Policy and Strategy

Understanding the regulatory environments and policy contexts within which aviation operates is crucial to business success.  Ambidji works with government departments and para-statal regulators, as well as aviation operators, to develop policy and strategy and also assists in the implementation and application of these policies within operational aviation environments.

Aviation operations are significantly influenced by the level of government regulation; and the level of regulation is often seen as a value driver for operators.  Ambidji has comprehensive experience in the design of aviation regulatory frameworks and regulatory approaches, as well as experience with the practical application of standards.  This allows Ambidji to guide aviation operators through the sometimes complex regulatory process to ensure corporate strategic goals can be met whilst facilitating ongoing regulatory compliance.

As an independent organisation, Ambidji also works regularly with international development banks and multilateral development agencies on the practical application of policy.

Policy and Regulation

As Ambidji works with multiple sector stakeholders, our teams are aware of the impacts of regulatory objectives on different environments.  We have the capability to advise your organisation on the best practices to achieve regulatory goals.

Experienced in over 50 countries, Ambidji is sensitive to the cultural diversity apparent in different regulatory jurisdictions and is able to assist clients to appropriately interpret and manage the cultural aspects evident in developing economies.  Ambidji also works in partnership with financial organisations to assist in determining the financial impacts of regulatory and policy developments on client operations.

Stakeholder Management and Public Consultation

An integral part of effective policy development and regulation is managing stakeholder expectations and consultation in order to ensure stakeholders have an effective input into any proposals for change.  Effective stakeholder management contributes to the more efficient implementation of, and transition to, new policy and regulatory approaches.  Ambidji is very experienced in managing stakeholder consultations on behalf of clients’ policy and planning development activities and can also assist clients with post-implementation interactive research and analysis of feedback.