Ambidji delivers a complete range of sustainable air traffic management (ATM) services facilitating the delivery of safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible day-to-day operations.

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control services based on three decades of pratical working knowledge.

Airspace Planning

Delivering planning solutions to ensure safe, efficient design and utilisation of operational airspace.

Human Factors

Working with air traffic service providers and regulators to ensure air traffic controller productivity remains unaffected by our natural limits.

Navigation Systems Planning

Designing and implementing tailored air navigation systems that facilitate the efficient movement of aircraft in your airspace.

Procurement and Contract Management

Whether it be a new ATC system, navigation aids, or a control tower, Ambidji has a world class reputation for handling acquisition, disposal or refinancing of air traffic management assets.

Safety Management Systems

As an indispensable aspect of air transport operations, Ambidji works to analyse risk and continuously improve the safety of your controlled flight operations.


Delivering world class ATC training to ensure safe, sustainable support for the air transport operators.