Air Traffic Control
Air traffic control is essential to the safe and orderly flow of aircraft operations. We understand the en route, terminal and tower systems and processes that facilitate the maximum number of aircraft to operate safely and sustainably, with no risk of collision.

As traffic volumes are growing, air traffic control is facing intractable challenges of evolving how to handle substantial increases in traffic, airline demands for efficiency, and a growing consideration for environmental sustainability.

Ambidji assists clients in making the most of their limited national resource, advising on how to maintain control and mitigate risks across all classes of airspace.

As an independent consulting firm, Ambidji undertakes work on behalf of stakeholders including air service providers, suppliers and regulatory bodies. Our ATC specialists have been involved with ICAO air navigation and airport working panels, and worked with air service providers including Airservices Australia, NAVCANADA, South Africa’s ATNS, Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department, and Indonesia’s Angkasa Pura II.

Ambidji has previously been awarded the Air Traffic Control Association Chaiman’s Citation of Merit Award “for outstanding achievement and contributions to ATC”.

Facilities and Equipment Engineering
There is a tendency for aviation administrations to acquire major air traffic systems through fully outsourced contracts in which the contractor provides everything from documentation, to integrated logistics support, implements the system, and then hands it over to the customer. While cost effective, this approach invites potential risks, thus it is important that aviation administrations develop stringent tender and contract specifications.

Our team can provide your organisation with a comprehensive management approach that includes technical design, evaluation and implementation activities, as well as all aspects of tender and contract management.