Navigation Systems Planning

Air Navigation Systems incorporates the infrastructure that supports the safe and efficient movement of air traffic within the national airspace volume. With airspace becoming increasingly congested it is important that navigation aids, air routes, and systems, maintain or exceed their capability to handle this traffic.

Ambidji works with all aspects of terrestrial Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems (CNSS). Ambidji has substantial experience working with all CNSS infrastructure including the national airspace resource (airspace management), all ground and airborne facilities, systems, people, services (air traffic services) as well as ATC, airspace and flight crew procedures (air traffic management).

Working with the next generation of GNS systems, Ambidji can assist your organisation in saving money and unnecessary complexity. We can deliver planning solutions for air service providers to implement next generation solutions including Area Navigation (RNAV), Performance Based Navigation (PBN), and Required Navigation Performance (RNP).

Offering strong and extensive capability in all these areas, our consultants are qualified specialists who possess considerable domestic and international experience providing ANS services, to civil and military aviation agencies. Our experience enables us to provide a global outlook and fully understand the special needs of civil and military airspace users and the overall need for efficient airspace utilisation between all parties.

When undertaking Navigation Systems Planning, Ambidji adopts a systems management approach that ensures the correct degree of analysis is undertaken on the capability of all elements to provide system solutions and the impact that each will have on the final system design.  Ambidji’s systems approach to ANS development results in cost-efficient and totally integrated system solutions that meet customer requirements, as well as gaining the confidence of operational and engineering support personnel.