Aerodrome Management

Ensuring safe, efficient and cost effective operations in a volatile economic environment is imperative for airports worldwide.  Difficulties lie in balancing the longer term planning and management requirements of airport operations and infrastructure with the shorter term requirements of capital sourcing and financial returns.  Ambidji is adept at treating each airport project as an individual challenge to supply tailored airport management solutions appropriate to the size and operational status of the client’s facility.

Airports under Ambidji management have a proven track record in successfully growing traffic movements and stimulating passenger growth.  The firm is experienced in working with both airport owners and aviation regulators to ensure achievement of corporate goals whilst maintaining regulatory compliance across the facility.

Enhancing Value

Through analysis of revenue streams, Ambidji can identify areas that are capable of contributing to sustained growth and work to ensure aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues are maximised.

Ambidji is experienced in identifying traffic trends and projections for airports and using these to scope and plan airport concessions and space allocation.  The firm can analyse and benchmark concession KPIs to assist in planning appropriate and harmonious airport concession and retail activities.  This is assisted by the development of credible scenarios to optimise sales and yield management.

This analysis, combined with our operational experience, allows Ambidji to set sustainable growth targets for your airport that maximise revenue opportunities.

Airport Operations

Ambidji’s airport management team can manage all airport day-to-day operations, including the administrative and HR functions.  For the smaller regional airports, Ambidji can also provide, under contract to the airport operator, air traffic control (ATC) services, aerodrome flight information services (AFIS), certified air/ground radio services (CA/GRS Australia only) or UNICOM functions as required or permitted under regulation.

Ambidji appreciates that consultation and cooperation with local stakeholders is imporant to ensure ongoing community good will and support for the development of the airport. Ambidji, therefore, focusus on building sustainable relationships with the community at large and key stakeholders; identifying and accommodating their needs and priorities, as well as contributing to the wider economic and social development of the local community wherever possible.