Airport Planning

While airports support regional or global operations, their success is often determined by local eyes.  It is essential when planning a cost effective, fit for purpose facility that it is tailored to the operation it supports.

Drawing on our experience, Ambidji provides a range of airport planning functions from inception through to commissioning.  Planning to IATA and ICAO standards, our designs provide sustainable solutions that provide your airport with the flexibility to adapt to changing markets.

A Comprehensive Service.

Developing a clear project scope to determine the appropriate size and requirements of the facility, we intuitively incorporate sustainable performance based designs that mitigate environmental and social impacts.

Through analysis, consultation and forecasting, Ambidji determines the optimum layout of infrastructure, including the airfield, terminal, change of mode transportation functions, and on-sight business concessions.  Our air traffic control team has worked with airport authorities to plan new airspace requirements to support airport infrastructure.  Using proven methods we can model airspace capacity, and plan appropriate navigation and meteorological equipment for your airport.

Working with our established financial partners, Ambidji can determine appropriate financing options for your airport.  We analyse all potential financing channels, and can advise on a range of options including private sector involvement, joint concessions or full privatisation.

Project Management

We are experienced in delivering project management services in a range of airport operational environments. Ambidji manages all aspects of the airport’s development from design through to procurement of design teams and equipment.  Additionally, we provide management support through testing and commissioning phases, as well as decommissioning and disposal of redundant infrastructure.