Airworthiness and Maintenance

Maintaining aircraft in an airworthy condition is a legal requirement to efficient aviation operations. Aligned with this is the need to have an in-depth knowledge of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, and Airworthiness Directives applicable to your aircraft operations.

The aircraft registration holder must be able to demonstrate to the regulatory authorities that the aircraft is airworthy. All aircraft are required to have an approved system of maintenance to ensure the required maintenance is carried out in a timely manner. An associated system of recording the maintenance carried out is required. We can provide skilled aircraft auditors to conduct airworthiness audits on your aircraft, and work with operators and the regulator to ensure risk to operations is mitigated.

Our team has assisted MROs to apply for certification in overseas jurisdictions, and can provide support in creating work plans and frameworks to implement aircraft upgrades, including project planning and reporting documentation.

We understand the difficulty many operators face in maintaining ageing aircraft. Our team has created work plans and training programmes which allow operators to identify fatigue and structural risk.