Marjorie Jackson Nelson Hospital Operational Impact Assessment

Ambidji was engaged by the Department of Health to undertake airspace studies relating to the proposed new hospital.  The project involved our team:

  • Assessing the implications on airspace protection by proposed hospital development;
  • Evaluating the impact of flight operations to/from Adelaide;
  • Comparing the level of helicopter flight operations efficiency and the impact to Adelaide Airport versus the existing helicopter site; and
  • Evaluating environmental impacts of helicopter operations.


Aeronautical Studies

Alfred Hospital Helipad Operational Impact Assessment

Our team undertook an evaluation of a proposed building development in the vicinity of the Alfred Hospital Helipad.  During the report we undertook:

  • Analysis of existing regulations, design requirements, and a site survey of obstacles;
  • Development of several alternative GPS approach procedures; and
  • Evaluation of the effects of the proposed building on these procedures.

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