Safety Management Systems

Safety is the cornerstone of the air transport sector, and should form part of an integrated top down management system that is embedded in the company ethos and culture. Ambidji is one of the few consultancies that undertakes work on behalf of both regulators and operators that are subject to regulation.

We understand that your organisation is subject to a unique set of risks and hazards and, for the system to be effective you need to engineer the process to achieve your required safety objectives.  Ambidji can assist aviation clients to meet regulatory requirements, performance targets and quality goals related to safety.  And, we work on behalf of regulators to audit operators and implement new regulations.

Our risk and safety specialists have worked with Transport Safety Bureaus on accident and incident investigations and are experienced in acting as Expert Witnesses at aviation legal hearings and tribunals.

Ambidji is able to provide your organisation with a broad range of safety and security services including;

  • Design and implementation of top down safety management systems;
  • Data collection, safety program development and implementation;
  • Risk modelling and profiling for airlines, air navigation service providers, and airports;
  • Organisational analysis to identify latent safety conditions;
    • Safety case and safety assessments;
    • Procedure analysis to identify gaps in standardisation and misinterpretation;
    • Safety and leadership training;
    • Operational safety audits.