Warwick Bigsworth

ATM Operations Specialist

Warwick is an Associate Consultant to Ambidji.  He has a significant industry profile as an Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Airspace operations specialist and has over 30 years commercial and public sector experience in the management, planning and provision of aviation services and systems.  This experience covers the review of airspace arrangements, development of air traffic management (ATM) standards and procedures, design development of  airport and ATM infrastructure, privatisation of aviation assets, control and safeguarding studies, project management, as well as the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements, particularly with respect to aircraft noise impacts.  His most recent assignments for Ambidji include being the ATM specialist on Ambidji’s recent airport traffic demand and capacity assessment on Canberra Airport, as well as assisting Ambidji with an aerodrome/airspace risk assessment at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand.  Warwick was an ATM advisor to the Schiphol/Fraport consortium during the Sydney Airport sale process as well as the ATM advisor to the Caliburn Partnership, the advisors to the Department of Finance and Department of Transport and Infrastructure for the Sydney Basin Airports sale process.  Because of his qualifications and operational experience Warwick has participated in the preparation and review of a number of airport Master Plans on behalf of clients located in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  These airports include Auckland, Bankstown, Cairns, Canberra, Christchurch, Essendon and Port Moresby Airports.  He has a career background in air traffic control and when he resigned from Airservices Australia in 1998 he was its Manager, Sydney Projects.  In this role, Warwick represented Airservices Australia’s interests in the EIS for the Proposed Second Sydney Airport and was the Project Manager for Airservices Australia’s Sydney Airport Development Project, which provided the new control tower along with its communications, radar and meteorological display systems, the Precision Runway Monitor, the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Station and the Instrument Landing Systems association with the new runway.