Bruce Robinson

Airspace Operations

An ICAO accredited instructor in PANS-OPS procedure design, Bruce has a range of experience in many countries involving the planning of facilities, planning of airspace arrangements and design and documentation of operational procedures.  In 1994,  he was appointed Ambidji’s project manager of a major airspace planning project involving the restructuring of the entire Malaysian Flight Information Region, to  accommodate the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport.  Bruce was the lead air traffic operations specialist in the master planning of ATC and air navigation systems for the new Hong Kong International Airport, and has revised the airspace structure for Manila airport in the Philippines.  His work has included numerous procedure design projects in Australia and Asia to accommodate the introduction or expansion of instrument approach procedures at airports of all categories.  Prior to joining Ambidji, Bruce was a senior operations specialist for the then Civil Aviation Authority of Australia, and line manager for major area and approach control centres at Brisbane and other locations around Australia.