Training Services

Aviation organisations turn to Ambidji to develop and deliver industry leading training programs in a range of aviation sector disciplines.

Ambidji’s professional team believes that the basis of any aviation company is its people – their ability to work together, to communicate clearly, and to develop professionally, while maintaining the world’s highest levels of safety and service.

In the air transport industry, dedicated training defines the line between organisations that deliver world class products and levels of service, and those that struggle to meet customer needs.  Ambidji is conscious that aviation operations are influenced by a wide variety of factors, and vary throughout the world, so your organisations requirements vary depending on your operational environment.

Ambidji’s training programs are led by our own instructors with years of managerial and operational experience in the sector.  Their unique perspectives and understanding of cross-cultural environments, allow them to skilfully customise Ambidji’s training programs to suit your unique requirements.